baresquare is a digital analytics company. Our daily commitment is making data worthwhile

If you want to get Digital Analytics right,
plan your data strategy, automate your analysis, action your data across a global team,
then you will want to talk to us

If you’re interested in solving hard problems, working with huge amounts of data, using a wide range of technologies to get things done,
then we want to talk to you


full-service consulting to digital analytics
customer analytics
predictive satisfaction

vittle: self-service analytics cloud
transforms analytics databases into diagnostics,
and drives action with the online collaboration space

to clients with a multinational online presence


Companies put a lot of effort and resources to become data driven

People have high expectations from the data collected, but limited opportunities in using data

We believe in value-add services and products

Our goal is to disrupt how digital analytics data is analyzed, presented and communicated


Web Analytics
the combination of technologies and know-how that informs companies about the online experience of users within proprietary websites
our bread and butter

Digital analytics — today
like Web Analytics applied to a superset of data including mobile, sensor, device, fitness data
focus on data integration and availability

Digital analytics — tomorrow
Digital analytics is only possible because of computers generating data in high granularity. However, computer generated data can’t be processed manually. Digital Analytics will be about computer analyzed and actioned data
this is what we are working on


Digital marketing analytics is not the only facet of digital analytics we like to work with

explore ways to expand into the broader field of analytics, beyond the web

We intend to take our product offering into new directions, applied to new datasets, providing innovative and practical applications